Carers Allowance Contact Number

Carers Allowance UK is an organization that is considered as the main membership charity for caregivers who are working in the United Kingdom. The organization was formed after the merging of two organizations that also focuses on the welfare of the caregivers more than 30 years ago. The organization was originally referred to as the Carers National Association, and it was renamed 18 years ago. Carers Allowance UK is providing information to caregivers who are registered to work in the United Kingdom, and it helps them tackle what their rights are. The organization is also providing them with the information on how they can gain their benefits, and where they can file for a case if they found irregularity with the systems and their rights being ignored. The Carers Allowance UK has been responsible for the passing of several laws that protects the caregivers, and these laws are the following:

1. An Act for the Recognition and Services of the Carers ratified in the year 1995
2. An Act for the Carers and the Disabled Children, ratified in the year 2000
3. An Act for Equal Opportunities for the Carers, ratified in the year 2004
4. An Act for the Work and Families, ratified in the year 2006

Aside from the laws that have been signed thanks to the efforts from the people at Carers Allowance UK, the organization is also behind the creation of the Carers Rights Day. There is also a dedicated magazine highlighting the organization’s goals and milestones. There is also a Carers Allowance number, a helpline which aims to provide assistance to caregivers who have a lot of questions regarding their profession.

The formation of Carers Allowance UK can be traced back in the 1960s after a group of women penned a letter stating how they need to have financial support. The government of the United Kingdom heard what the carers have to say, and the NCSWD became instrumental in pushing for the first ever law for the benefit of the carers.

It was in 1981 when the Carers Allowance UK was born, thanks to the efforts of Judith Oliver. The organization, referred by then as the Association of Carers, provided information drive all over the United Kingdom to persuade caregivers in joining the organization. Through the years, the membership grew, and many people starting joining the Carers Allowance UK because of the benefits that they offer.

Today, Carers Allowance UK is believed to have more than 40,000 members, and there is a group of trustees who will be overseeing the organization’s operations, especially when it comes to the finances. The organization has its headquarters in London, and they have three other satellite offices which are located in Cardiff, Belfast, and Glasgow. The organization is also planning to build more satellite offices to cater to their members.