Child Maintenance Service Contact Number

Parenting is a hard, and very expensive job, and when you are a single parent separated from the other parent, that job gets doubly as difficult. If you and your ex-spouse or ex-partner can arrange an agreement for child maintenance together, it means that you can have what is called a family-based arrangement. In short, this means that you can figure out the child maintenance agreement in a more private manner- the parents figure it out amongst each other without having to get anyone else involved. If you can manage to do it this way, you can call the Child Maintenance Service contact number for impartial help.

However, if the two parents cannot come to an agreement on child maintenance, then they need to take advantage of the Child Maintenance Service. This United Kingdom based service is available to parents who cannot come to a family-based agreement. In order to get their help, parents need to pay an application fee, and possibly several collection fees every time you receive a payment from the services.

Services that Child Maintenance Service can provide are helping one parent find the other of they are not sure where they reside or have no other contact information in order to get the child maintenance sorted out. They can help moderate and sort through arguments and disagreements between the parents in regard to their children and help decide how much child maintenance should be paid to the parent. They also arrange for who gets the payments which is the parent who takes care of the child day-to-day. This service is in charge of passing the payment on to the parent in charge of the child day-to-day and keep an eye on the payments based on changes in the parent’s circumstances that are reported. At the end of every year, the service reviews how much the parent is paid, and they are responsible for taking action if payments are not made to the correct parent.

Child maintenance eligibility:

This service is available to kids who are under the age of 16, under the age of 20 and in full-time education, or under 20 and living with the parent who registered for the benefits.

In order to apply for child maintenance, you have to be the parent that the child lives with, the parent that the child does not live with but takes care of, a grandparent, relative, or guardian who looks after the child, or a child that lives in Scotland that is 12 or older. However, you cannot apply for child maintenance if you, the parent receiving payments, are living outside of the United Kingdom with the child. If the parent receiving payment is the one who cares for the child day-to-day, then the other parent does not receive day-to-day payment help.

You can apply for Child Maintenance Services by calling their Child Maintenance Services helpline phone, visiting the offices during business hours, and talk with someone about the options you have based on your unique arrangement with the other parent. They will give you a reference number and they will inform you about what information you will need to bring with you as well as the fees necessary at the application time.