Child Tax Credit Contact Number

Child Tax Credit is a tax credit that is dependent on how many children there is in a family. This type of tax credit also varies off things like income. The Child Tax Credit is being replaced by with the Universal Credit. Current holders’ claims will only last up until August 31st or if their child 16th birthday passes. For those who cannot create a new claim, they would have to either get the Universal Credit or the Pension Credit. The Pension Credit is only for those who are in the qualifying age ranges.

If a parent or guardian is making a new child tax credit claim they would have to receive a severe disability premium. This premium also applies if the requested had it for the past month. Eligibility is still a requirement for the tax claim. Another part of the claim is that the parent or guardian has the sole responsibility of the child. The provider is responsible for the child if the child lives with them full time, they are the main provider, has the child’s belongings in the home, allowances are given to the child if the dependent lives in EEA of Switzerland but stills need financial help. If there is more than one care provider, then both can apple together. The HM Resource Center (HMRC) will decide who is the main provider of the child. Adopted or fostered children are able to be claimed one would have to call HMRC for inquiry.

If the children were born before April 6, 2017, the provider could either get the ‘child element’ of the Child Tax Credit or the ‘family element’ which is the basic amount. Providers having one or more than one born on or after April 6, 207, children will only apply to the ‘child element.’ The ‘family element’ is only applicable if at least one child was born before April 6, 2017. The Child Tax Credit rates as of 2019 to 2020 goes as ‘family element’ being up to 545 pounds, the ‘child element’ being up to 2,780 pounds, for each disabled child is up to 3,355 pounds including of the child element, and the severely disabled child that goes up to 1,360 pounds including the child element and disable child rates. Creating a new claim can take up to 5 weeks to process.

Care providers have to give their bank accounts numbers or an account in order to collect the funds. The caretaker would then be paid every week or every four weeks. To get in contact for the child tax credit number is going through the HMRC. The HM Resource Center phone number is 0345 300 3900 and their text number is 0345 300 3909. For parents and children living outside the United Kingdom or EU is 44 2890538192.