Disability Living Allowance Contact Number

It’s worth noting that the old DLA option or “Disability Living Allowance” is actually going away in the UK. Instead, they are going to transition o something called “PIP” which means Personal Independence Payment for the disabled.

The way it works is that you can now only apply for DLA if you’re under the age of 16. Obviously, this means that, generally, guardians will be helping their children to apply for it. Barring that, you need to apply to the new program, at PIP if you’re over the age of 16 and under the state pension age limit. This varies based on age and gender. Generally speaking, you will have to look it up.

If you have Disability Living Allowance already, then you may have cause to worry. Letters are going out that make it so that you will need to make other arrangements since the program will be shutting down immediately for some individuals. You should definitely find the Disability Living Allowance contact number in order to make sure that everything is working out well with you.

You can call them at get some help with your existing case. It’s also recommended that you call them to inform them about anything in your case that has changed over the last time you informed them about it. This could include a change in your health, or a change in any of the circumstances that created your disability in the first place.

The DLA system is in place in order to make sure that those who cannot work due to circumstances beyond their control still have enough to live on. It’s important you understand how it all works, and how it all applies to you, in order to get maximum benefits, and also to make sure that any benefits you have don’t end up expiring without you seeing it coming ahead of time.

Another thing related to this that’s worth checking out is the State Pension program. This program relates to those who have passed a certain age based on their gender. Once you look it up using the tool online and see that you’ve reached that age, you’ll have to focus on that instead of the DLA or PIP programs. However, there are a number of advantages if you have reached this age.

These benefits may include qualifying for free bus travel, for example. It’s often going to be possible for you to keep working after you reach this age as well. There are circumstances where you may be forced to stop working, however. This includes if you work a job that requires you to have a certain level of physical acumen, for example. There may also be age limits set by law for a particular job. The example listed is often the fire service. It’s worth knowing the law so that you don’t get forced to retire when your employer can’t technically do that legally, but pension may be a better approach for you.